Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


My whole existence is predicated on finding out what the hell we are all doing here. I mean, I just woke up one morning and here I was. And here you were also. No one told me I was coming here or that you’d all be here with me. And what I can’t figure out, is why no one has come to me and given me my orders or told me what’s going on. “Glad you’ve finally arrived Blyth. We’ve got a vacancy in the family planning department, and with your previous lifetime experiences, it should be right up your alley”.

Nope. None of that, just a couple of people I’ve never met before sticking food into me and constantly renewing my sewage-wrapper. And all they can say is, “Just wait ‘till you grow up and you’ll end up finding your niche”.

Niche, what niche? And what do they know, anyway? Apparently, no one’s bothered to tell them what they’re doing here either. All they seem to know is, one day they dropped into a hospital to visit a sick friend and they were given me on the way out as a token of gratitude. They tried to resist but were told it was just not the done thing to leave the hospital without taking their little gift with them. Some gift. Just when have you seen a gift that eats you out of house and home? And what sort of gift makes such a bloody racket and stinks the place out? You don’t need “well-meaning” people who give you gifts like this.

Anyway, that was seventy years ago and quite a lot has happened in between. But I’m still having trouble working it all out. In those seventy years, all I’ve done is mucked around for no particular reason that I can logically determine, whatsoever. It’s as if we’re all here just to pass the time playfully, as if in a creche, while we wait for something to happen. But meanwhile, millions of people are dying every day without ever coming to know whatever it was they were waiting for, in the first place. And the way things are going, I’ll be joining them very soon.

The only thing I have been able to surmise, because there has been a lot of talk about it, is that some rather outspoken bloke, who came and went a couple of thousand years ago, is coming back to straighten us all out. Apparently, he couldn’t tell us back then, probably because he didn’t have the full story, so he had to go back to whoever sent him and get some more information. Why the hell it has taken him so long to come back and tell us, is anyone’s guess. All I can say is, he’d better get here soon, otherwise many of us are going to miss out and wind up leaving here no more the wiser.

Anyway, I’m not going to just sit here and wait. Whether I’m demented or sane, I’m determined to see how far I can get before I leave, with or without his help. Put it this way, I’d rather spend the rest of my time looking for an answer to all this meaninglessness than walking the dog or watching the idiot box.

And while we’re talking about dogs and idiots, one thing I have discovered is that dogs (or animals in general) actually “know” what their lives are all about so they are clued-in, which just leaves us humans as the idiots who will put up with anything. Well, not me. I might be an idiot but at least I know I am and feel some reassurance in assuming that I may be able to convince myself otherwise by constantly writing these “enlightening” proclamations of drivel, albeit, quite meaningful drivel to me. Mind you, I’m not too sure what you’re doing here. Don’t you have any drivel of your own?

Anyway, if you do follow my junket, you’ll realise, as I have done, that animals and the animal kingdom are a particularly important piece of this puzzle, and consequently, you’ll find a fair bit of commentary about them and how they have helped narrow the pathway of my quest.


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