Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Most people think freedom is an open-ended concept where anything and everything is okay as long as it doesn’t inconvenience others, nor obviously, break the law which is, in essence, inconveniencing others.

First of all, how do you know when you are inconveniencing others? What inconveniences them might be completely different to what inconveniences you and you can only judge them from your own perspective, so when you think you are actually being considerate, you could well be, being inconsiderate.

Further, there is more to freedom than just being without physical or psychological borders, because without borders we can get lost in our own inherent, psychological landscape. Our freedom becomes so expansive that we venture out far beyond our own innate, moral precinct and do things that are instinctively unnatural and unhealthful to us.

Think of freedom as in reading a book. As long as the page is a certain, manageable size, we can easily read it from side to side. But when it becomes so wide that we begin to lose our pace or comprehension of the sentence, we lose our notion of the overall story as a whole. And if the page is so wide that we can’t even read the text at either side, we only get the gist of a sentence or paragraph in bits and the general idea of the story becomes meaningless and is no longer enjoyable.

Everything in human consciousness has borders. We put them there ourselves because we are rational creatures and need to be able to relate to, and understand everything, in our world. This is why books are a universally recognised size, necessary to facilitate handling and absorption. Similarly, we inherently want our freedom to have a rationally evaluated perimeter because it conforms to the logical nature of our consciousness. But as usual, this inherent, logical nature is usurped by our extrinsic, egocentric nature, which is guided by self-exultation through intellectual determination, because our intellect is more apparent to us than our instinct. The problem is, our psyche is fickle and forms its notions about life from its environment, which is understandable, because that also, is fickle and constantly changes. Meanwhile, our inner knowingness, which is virtually immutable, doesn’t get a look in.

What I am getting to here, is wanting to illustrate how this is playing out in our society today, which is exemplified in the United States. The United States has always been the leading beacon of freedom, and consequently, has a concept of it that has fewer boundaries than any other country. Since its founding, constitutional days, it has evolved a society that has become freer and freer, to where, pretty much anything goes. Although, for most of its history, this freedom applied only to certain classes of its population which, paradoxically, was a border in itself. It was a way of maintaining a certain standard of life, as in slavery and further on, of “quality”, as in conserving its xenophobic, “cultural” heritage.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, any remnants of the “fence” were totally demolished as all regulations about everything were written out of governance, which caused many problems, such as the GFC. However, that pales in comparison to what is unfolding today.

With so few boundaries, the ego-maniacal nature of human consciousness has been able to unravel to its unbridled extremities, losing touch with the overall sense of its purpose (because it can’t read the whole sentence) and not knowing where it is going any more.

Meanwhile, the Russians and the Chinese, who do have bridles on their societies, are successfully guiding their nations in a determined direction towards taking over control of what had always been the domain of a reasonably regulated United States.

As you read this, your ego will constantly remind you of how fortunate you are to be an American and not Chinese or Russian. Fine, but your ego is primarily a prejudiced loser. It is totally fickle and doesn’t give a shit about your true interests, unless they are superficial, whereby, you and your ego are one, as opposed to, “I and my Father are one”. Meaning, you have no instinctive sense of your connection to the nature of existence. A delightful and wholesome human being is a balanced human being. By all means, enjoy your relationship with the ego, but also lend an ear to your instinctive nature.

You may abhor the idea of having your freedom “marked out” but consider this. How would you like it if there were no car park markings at your shopping centre? Early in the day you might easily find a spot, but the nightmare would begin when you went to leave. People don’t know how to organise themselves in the context of others, without rules, especially those who are stupid, unthinking and selfishly inconsiderate. Boundaries, whether painted on or written into law are necessary for order and sanity. Too much freedom is too much insanity, as in, losing touch with consequence.

From where I sit, the formerly erudite, United States of America, looks like a person who has “lost it”, inside a self-generated, padded room, jumping up and down and banging their head endlessly on the wall as they wail, “How the hell did I become so unstable?”  Lack of boundaries. That’s all. Ask children.

How Much Freedom Can You Handle?