Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


What is God? Is it possible that we can ever know God while we are alive in this rational dimension? The short answer is no because God is not rational. But there is another answer, in that, we can “sense” Him. In other words, it is not possible to know anything about Him but we are able to know He is “there”. Well, that something indefinable is there which we can only relate to as God. So we can intuitively know God but not mentally.

We are unable to describe Him in any way that can be logically comprehended. The best we can do is to express how we feel about Him, such as, He is loving, He is omnipresent, He is real, He is powerful, etc. But none of these expressions conjure up any image of Him because an image is a fabrication. Anything we can make out in form or attribute can only come from our imagination. An image is just what it says it is. “A picture in imagination”. An imaginative concept. And there is nothing in our world that is not imagined, which means, there is nothing in our world that is “real”. But we do know from these expressions that God is real. We can feel something that is real but we cannot picture something that is real because a picture can only be imagined. So if we desperately need to know what God looks like we have to imagine Him. We have to make up our own concept of Him if we want to satisfy our desire to know about Him.

Nothing in our world is real and that’s why we have imagination - to imagine it, otherwise we would have no world at all. There is nothing “there” except what we imagine there is, or what we imagine is “there”. Nevertheless, we actually believe there is something there because our belief system determines it through our imagination. In other words, our belief system believes that imagination is real, or at least, what imagination looks like after it has unfolded as manifestation. To us, everything that imagination does is real and we fall for it. Which is crazy, because when you think about it, it is imagination after all, which is, imaginary. I mean, it’s well known that our world comes out of our imagination so how can we be so simple-minded to assume that our world is real.

The problem seems to be that it feels real and there is no logical explanation for how this is possible if it is only imagined, so we just take this realness on board and think of imagination as an adjunct to our world rather than the substance of it. It must be, that what we feel is a much more important part of us than what we think and this is because our feelings are instinctive and our thinking is rational. And because our feeling nature is instinctive, it is actually connected to the real, real. So when you combine what we think or imagine with what we instinctively feel, then what we rationally believe has its roots in how we feel and this feeling gives the impression of real in a rational sense. If you look at animals, you see that they are instinctively connected to the real but without a rational imagination. So, in a sense we are connected like animals, but with the added millstone of a rational-conscious-mindset which enables us to create an imaginary world separate from the real world while still being connected to it. So we instinctively feel real in a rationally imagined reality, and if we feel real, our imagined world must also feel real because it is an extension of us.

The part of us that helps determine how we feel is our senses. They are the channels through which our mind interprets all we imagine and manifest. If it feels real, then our belief system will accept the world as real. There are the five physical senses, the sixth or intuitive sense, and the sense of feeling, or the feeling of sense.

We are constantly cognisant of all senses except the sixth which doesn’t work with us in the same way. It is always “on” but it is not rationally convenient like the others, although, it works unceasingly in harmony with the others beyond our awareness. So out of these seven senses, six of them are rationally discernable, and one is not. But that sixth sense is instinctively discernable by the feeling sense and that’s how we get to feel what is outside our manifest world and which gives us this sense of our own realness. So it is our own realness that is real, not the imaginary world we live in, but because we are inherent in it as real entities we believe it is real because our belief in the world being real, stems from our belief in ourselves being real.

Aside: For arguments sake, you could say that our rationally imagined, manifest world “floats” within the real world of Divine consciousness like a bubble. Actually let’s say, more like one of those round glass Christmas snowflake globes with a miniature village in it, that you shake to make the snow fall. The world that the globe exists in is real but the scene inside it is just an organic conceptualisation, imagined by the “living beings” who live inside it. There is no physical action involved to perpetuate the village scene, it just unfolds out of their imagination like magic where they are able to interact with it. Because the world outside the globe is irrational to those inside the globe, who are rational, they cannot see what is outside the globe. Well, let’s say they can, but it is totally meaningless to them and, for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t exist. However, their sense of feeling can get a line on what is out there because feeling is not rational. It is intuitive, so it can relate to the real world of Divine consciousness. In fact, it can relate to both the rational and the irrational. But our feelings cannot be interpreted rationally so they are not translatable in any cognisant way, about what they sense outside. But, because they are aware of the outside, this awareness is felt by everyone inside, again, instinctively, but with no understanding of what it means, only that it feels real. So they have within them this sense of realness, even though they only exist in a reality. Their intellect is artificial but they feel real.

I’m not sure how or if the five physical senses are connected to the others. Their main role is to logically interpret what is the makeup of manifestation and give us feedback as to how it relates to us. Actually, they are much more than a role, they are really the essence of our carnal existence along with our brain. They are us and we are them. It’s only our mind that is not a part of that process because our mind is really just an observer and supervisor. Everything that happens in our life is pretty much autonomous but it needs to be overseen by the mind because the mind takes us from a robotic state to an “intelligent” state. It’s not just a computer like the brain.

Put it this way, in our world, a robot has a computerised instruction set which can be programmed to let the robot be autonomous, but the robot can’t think rationally. It can’t do anything more than what it is programmed to do. But every robot has a designer and it is the designer’s mind which observes and supervises the programming of the robot. The designer can interpret all of the robots actions rationally, based upon the feedback he gets from it, which enables him to continually reprogram the robot to bring about an evolving, desired result.

When you look around your manifest world your brain and your mind are working simultaneously, except they have different objectives and therefore see things differently. Your body’s brain is fulfilling its role just as its computerised belief system, subconsciously directs it, while your mind is continually analysing your body’s performance as it interacts with the world, and adjusts your belief system as it sees fit, causing your belief system to evolve as you go through life. It’s not always a positive adjustment because we are always in a trial-and-error phase.

The brain is not a rational faculty any more than the robot’s instruction set. It only acts and reacts subconsciously, based on what is in your belief system. What it is, is your belief system acting subconsciously. When someone says they are going to reprogram your subconscious, they actually mean your belief system. There is nothing in your subconscious to change because it is only a benign facilitator for your belief system. The subconscious mind is just that part of your mind which expresses your belief system because your belief system is just an ordered repository for your beliefs and not a mind in itself.

Does a robot have a belief system?

I’m not a scientist but I’m inclined say yes, because as its instruction set is reprogrammed, it is really just being updated. The originating instructions are still there, such as, the robot’s ability to move its limbs and how to cross a road, but the more complex instructions need to change in line with how the robot has evolved, and in most cases, these changes will be in addition or as adjustments. So the robot will always have an inherent set of governing instructions which will not be replaced each time the robot is reprogrammed, but evolve. This is fundamentally the same as a human belief system, except that, we are being continually reprogrammed on-the-fly because our “designer” is on board with us.

Aside: Imagine a newly commissioned ship that was sent out on trial and when it came back in, all of the adjustments needed to correct any faults or shortcomings in it’s design were done on shore in the factory. Well, if the ship was our body, it would take the factory and designers along on the trial with it and make adjustments as it went. In fact, they could leave the factory permanently on board and update any little design nuances continually. This is a hypothetical concept only because it is extremely impractical.

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