Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


If we can imagine something, why does it not always become part of our world, after all, our world is nothing but out-pictured imagination? True, but not everything we think about or imagine becomes part of the collective image. It can only become part of imagination and our world, if it is relative to what is already manifest.

For instance, a flying saucer landing in New York city can be imagined but will not out-picture as part of our manifest world because it is not relative to what is already there. It doesn’t “fit in”. To be relative, it has to be believed by those who are going to experience it, which is pretty much everyone these days. First, those in New York city who see it, and then the rest of us who see it or hear about it on the news.

In true life experiences, when a farmer has sighted a UFO, this is in line with what he believes because he has heard of others having the same experience and accepts the possibility that he might “see” one himself. But it won’t land because he doesn’t believe it will (even though he might like it to) because none have ever done so. In his thinking, he has wished it would land but this wishful thinking will not “take hold” in the collective imagination because there is nowhere in collective imagination that relates to an already conclusive, alien landing. So, as all of the collective thought waves of humankind are collated and firmed into one image for outpicturing, the UFO landing will have no applicable place to fit in and therefore, will not manifest.

It would be like a piece of jigsaw that doesn’t fit the puzzle. And there are many pieces like this lying all over the “floor”. However, as time goes by, the jigsaw puzzle organically expands as the world evolves and causes the picture to enlarge. Eventually, discarded pieces will find their way into the puzzle as a place opens up where they fit.

For instance, one day a person may see a landing, but only as a quick touchdown, not enough to form a solid and conclusive image in the collective, but enough to cause many others to think seriously about what he said he saw. All of this combined thinking will increase the chances of the possibility of a landing being taken up by imagination, which will in turn, cause more people to think they saw a landing and so on and on.

In light of the puzzle, this slight adjustment in the imaginative image will cause one or more pieces already in the puzzle, to have their “cutout key” in a shape, exactly matched to a previously discarded piece. Then, once this piece becomes part of the jigsaw puzzle picture, UFO landings will become more and more familiar, and dare I say, commonplace.

However, I am not saying this will or will not happen, I’m only siting this as an example of the imaginary process. There needs to be a substantial and agreeable consensus to such an outcome. It may be, that the majority of humanity doesn’t want to consider the likelihood of such an incredulous event, and so the pieces just lay around on the floor indefinitely. Maybe they belong to a new or different puzzle altogether.

When you look at it, various types of media have been trying to show us the UFO premise for a hundred or so years. Either, we as a collective, don’t want to believe or even consider it, or it hasn’t taken hold in a our minds so far. We’re just not all that interested, as a whole.

When you compare it with the advent of air travel, the masses took to that in a big way and that’s why it took off so fast. Everyone was consumed with its possibilities in relation to how it could enhance our lives and it was imagined en masse. Conversely, most of us think of UFO’s as threatening and don’t want to go there at all. However, if they ever do manifest and we see the aliens for real, it won’t be long before there will be swarms of them. You see, once something has manifested, we see it often and it infiltrates our thinking and becomes part of our belief system. From then on it's a done deal.

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