Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Life is a complete nonsense. Why do you think we spend our whole lives trying to make something out of it? Because there’s nothing there that’s why. That’s why we have to make something up, to be there. It is a complete nothing burger to start with and then we live purely to add fillings in order to make it as palatable as we can.

If life was important and had substance then we wouldn’t have to spend our lives making something out of it. It would be like going to a finished movie and just sitting back and accepting the fact that there was nothing more to add or to change. In contrast, if we went to an unfinished movie we would be obliged to work out the parts that weren’t finished and constantly rack our brains about the outcome.

Only life in Divine-consciousness is finished where everything is perfectly gratifying the way it is. Where everything is congruent with our expectations and where we are completely satisfied. This is the world which animals belong to where they are happy to “sit back” and be totally guided in all that they do. They know that it is a finished world and have no inclination to want to alter it in any way.

Why do you think our life in human-consciousness evolves? Because it is not finished and it never will be. For some reason we chose to become part of an ongoing project instead of partaking in the fruitful benefits of a finished one. Consequently, our lives will always be an ongoing struggle to make something out of nothing.

And what’s more, none of us know whether or not we are creating our world in the way it is meant to be created, so we will never be really satisfied. Well, perhaps we are sometimes when we feel we have accomplished something worthwile but at other times we are not so sure. We are constantly concerned with our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world in general. We don’t know whether we are living our lives right or even whether the world is being run right. All we do is sit back and watch the news media spew forth as we constantly moan and groan about the state of things.

The biggest, and inevitably unsolvable problem we have, is that there is nothing or no one to guide us. All we have to guide us is our own experience from previous incarnations which doesn’t really help us a great deal, anyway, because we didn’t know what we were doing then so why would it help us now. In other words, we are really just groping along in the “dark”, blindly leading each other along to who knows where. The best we can do is guess our way along and hope that it turns out okay. “Okay!” Is that the best we expect? If it turns out brilliantly we are overawed but mostly we are satisfied with just okay. Which really goes to mean that our lives are very ordinary and humdrum, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

Meanwhile the animal kingdom is living the “high life” in a lasciviously perfected world of consummate bliss. They have discovered their true nirvana while we struggle and squabble and try and outdo each other, to get a better foothold in a ham-fisted and going-nowhere world of our own incompetence.

Animals don’t have to go to work or to school or go to the moon like we do. Their only concern is to eat and procreate which can be a bit daunting for them at times, but very occasionally. Meanwhile we are in constant anxiety. Not only do we have to eat and procreate, but simultaneously, create a world to live in as we go along. And we haven’t got a clue about what we are doing except, for the sake of our sanity, that we think we have.

The thing is, whoever or whatever created Divine-consciousness knew a thing or two about what constitutes a glorious existence. Stupid us, had a look at the perfect world of Divine-consciousness, compared it to the blank slate that was human-consciousness and chose the latter. This would be akin to someone planning to sail across the Atlantic, looking over the newly-completed SS Normandy and thinking, “Eeech, that’s a pretty neat ship but I think I’ll build my own. I’ll build the hull and then fit it out while I cruise across to New York. That way I can earn my passage and have a beautiful home when I get there”.

Trouble is, not only will they not get there but they don’t know how to get there or even which way to get there, not to mention all the hassle of the fit out. Meanwhile, those who took the Normandy are living it up in style and having a ball with not a worry in the world. They just paid their fare and let themselves be indulged whichever way they were inclined by the crew. No egotistical, self-sufficiency horse-shit for them.

They did things God’s way. We do things our way. More’s the pity. Our prayers to God should not be about getting Him involved in our world but about helping us to become less stupid and bone-headed. “Please God, help me to wise up and see the error of my stupidity”.

Here’s another disturbing thing about our lives.

Why do we humans spend our lives trying to understand each other and developing relationships with the rest of humanity when it’s all going to lead nowhere in the end? Why don’t we, instead, spend our lives trying to understand and develop a relationship with God because God will always be around and remain the same in ten thousand years as He is now. And the thing with God is, once you’ve gotten to know Him, you will never not know Him, and you won’t need to know anyone else. A relationship with God is quite different to a relationship with another human because humans are apt to change and go off. A good friend of yours now may well nigh be your enemy further down the track. And you also change so your friends may not be interested in you later on. But if you have a relationship with God, you never ever change and neither does God so your relationship remains solid forever.

The reason you don’t change if you are in a relationship with God, is because you have to enter His dimension to get to know Him and His dimension is stable and the essence of integrity, whereas, this one of ours is incredibly fickle. As long as we reside in this rational human dimension we will forever be inconsistent and questionable. No one will ever know for certain how we will evolve, including you. So what a friend sees in us in the future may be entirely different to how they understand us today. There is no real certainty in our human dimension whatsoever. Some temporary certainty but nothing you’d want to write home about. Well, okay, so the sun goes up and down on a regular basis but that’s got little to do with how we express ourselves.

Life As A Nothing Burger