Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


We take it as a given that we are superior beings to animals. For our ego to even contemplate the possibility of this not being so, is deemed ludicrous. But is it? Only someone who has come to know the meaning of the ego and its nominated role in the overall reason for life, as a human being, could ever contemplate the extraordinary audacity of considering such a question. I may be such a low-life.

When I think about the condition of the human psyche and compare it to the state and purpose of nature, I become quite ashamed. The picture of nature, as I understand it, is one of stability and impeccable order, whereas, the impression I have of humanity, is of fickleness, irregularity and duplicity.

If that was all there was to it, the animal kingdom would be miles in front, but that is just for starters. There is so much more to the integrity and dignity of nature and so much more of the opposite values in the human psyche, that the animal kingdom makes us look like vainglorious low-lifes in contrast. Which we are.

“Vainglorious low-lifes! Now that’s not a very nice thing to say about your fellow human beings.”

Of course it’s not, because humans pride themselves on being intelligent, reasonable, ambitious, loving (well, let’s cancel that out because we’re just as much hating), thoughtful and so on, none of which qualities apply to animals. And because we are rational and intelligent creatures, we can come up with an absolute slew of nice things to say about ourselves. But that’s most of the problem. Animals don’t have to flaunt or defend their ego-centric psyche because they don’t have one.

I could list a hundred or so qualities that animals have which would shame us and no qualities peculiar to us that would shame animals. I’m not going to list them here, but I will say, that the greatest quality an animal has over humans is in their unwavering compliance to a separate system to themselves. In other words, to be purely guided and accepting of whatever nature determines for them.

To be fair to humans, though, animals don’t have the major handicap that we have. An ego with a rational-conscious-mindset. They cannot think, or work anything out for themselves, rationally, so they just have to accept that theirs is just the way things are. And the way things are, is the way things are, even for humans. BUT, because humans are rational, we don’t have to accept the way things are and because we can “work things out”, we rearrange things based on our own fickle reasoning, as compared, to an animal’s wisdom of understanding and accepting natures integrity.

An animal rides in the back of an immaculate, chauffeured limousine and leaves the management of the journey to the driver, while a human rides around in a faulty automobile, driven and navigated by himself to places he’s not sure of and with the aid of a map that he prepared himself and has trouble following. In fact, he is often lost and wastes much of his time “working things out” and hoping that his car doesn’t break down, which it invariably does, because he designed and built it himself.

But, nevertheless, the conceited human "knows" he is superior. After all, just think how much he is learning and how much “fun” he is having being his own boss and making his own decisions, no matter how faulty they are. Isn’t that the dream of life, to be one’s own boss?

Well, not to an animal. Metaphorically speaking, an animal has gone way past that stage and knows how fraught, immature and blind an ego-centric psyche is. An animal has come to realise, that giving up it’s rationale and consequently, it’s competence and belief in itself, to live a harmonious and deeply meaningful existence, it has made a compromise and opted for instinct as it’s inherent nature. This way it still has some autonomy, but the overall management and reasoning of life, is left in the all-knowing hands of an authority with more experience – nature.

Now, the animal has not just put it’s rationale on the back burner, it has totally, forsaken it, leaving no option but to guided by instinct, although, this is neither here nor there because an instinctive consciousness does not relate to a rational consciousness. In other words, the animal doesn’t know anything about rationale and so has no idea that it doesn’t have one to bemoan the loss of.

The human being, on the other hand, does bemoan. A human being has both a rational and an instinctive mindset, and because of it’s stupifty, it thinks this is just grand. However, this doesn’t stop it from bemoaning the inaccessibility of its instinctiveness.

How stupid is this? Underneath the overlay of a human being’s rational-conscious-mindset, lies an instinctive faculty that the human being is virtually unable to make use of. So the human being just carries on in its own ego-maniacal way, making all sorts of erroneous judgements, and in the course, suffering incessantly, while the answers to all of it’s prayers lay just beneath the surface of this pigheaded, egocentric veneer.

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