Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Good & Light v Evil & Darkness

You cannot bring darkness to the light, you can only bring light to the darkness. Likewise, evil cannot overcome Good, only Good can overcome evil so Good will always prevail. Darkness is the status quo (“darkness was upon the face of the deep”) and cannot be modified, but it can appear to be modified by screening it with varying degrees of light. So whatever you are looking at, try to keep in mind, that underneath it all is perpetual darkness. Our whole world sits on top of an expanse of darkness. In other words, the darkness is always there and we just “dance” around on top of it, making images with our inherent “light”ness.

Similarly, just as darkness is the status quo, so is evil, because our manifest world is the realm of evil, commonly referred to as satan’s world. We, as human beings, are the only source of Good in this world. We bring Good to evil just as the sun brings light to the dark. So evil is the status quo in manifestation and we bring our collective Good to veil this evil and adjust this Good to our instinctive requirements which is an eternally ongoing process.

We emanated from Divine-consciousness which is the nature of Light and Good, and therefore, we are innately, unconditionally Good. But when we entered into satan’s dark realm of evil our Good became infused with it and we were no longer purely Good, we were a mixture of both Good and evil.

When you bring light to the darkness, as by switching on a light with a dimmer knob, you can vary the brightness to suit your mood or sensitivity. Let’s say, the light bulb on full brightness represents pure light, then whatever degree of dimness you turn it to becomes a mixture of light and dark. Similarly, our world is a mixture of Good and evil depending on the degree of Good that is expressed or not.

Okay, so who determines how bright a room should be or how Good the world should be? In both cases, we do, through our inherent nature of rational intelligence. We adjust the dimmer knob to suit our rationally discerned requirement at the time. Sometimes we like a dimly lit atmosphere and sometimes we require a brightly lit one. And the same applies to Good. We can “adjust” our Good to very Good or not very Good. But there is a catch, because, although we determine the strength of our Good in a rational context, it is not altogether consciously discerned.

I mean, we walk into a room and consciously decide to dim the light to a certain level but when it comes to Good we are not usually conscious of our level of Good so it is difficult to know how Good or evil our world is, at any given time. The problem we have as humans, is that we cannot live in this world with our Good turned up to full Goodness, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to interact with it. If our Good was on full, that would be like the light being on full brightness and such glare would make it just as hard to see anything as if there was no light.

Our life in satan’s manifest world is made possible by our imagination and imagination is made up of images. Images are produced using a mixture of light and dark, and likewise, our existence in this world necessitates a balanced mixture of Good and evil. Too much Good would make our lives artificial and uninteresting, and too much evil would make our lives depraved and unmanageable.

But how can we know when there is too much Good or too much evil?

Well, in a sense we can’t. But there are two aspects to this. There is the collective Good and there is our personal Good and as much as you’d probably like to think otherwise, there is little we can do as an individual to influence the collective. But hey, your journey through life is personal, anyway, so it’s up to you to make your own Good. It’s up to you to be as Good as you can which may help the collective a wee bit but will help you immensely. And it doesn’t really matter whether the collective leans too much toward evil, you can overcome your own evil nature and lean the other way by expressing your best Good.

The world evolves through the eons and fluctuates between evil-leaning and Good-leaning. There have been times in the past which have been very evil and times which have been relatively good. Right now, if the world was blown up because of the increasingly evil nature of the collective, there is nothing you can do about it. And just because you’re gooder than the rest of humanity doesn’t mean you’ll get a free pass. You’re gone with the rest of us. But it’s where you’ve gone which counts and I can’t shed much light on this, except to say, your Goodness does count so you have to have faith and believe that it will count for a lot in the end. After all, what you believe is your truth and your truth is all you are, so don’t fret too much about the state of the world, just rejoice in the state of you.

There is no collective reality in the end, only yours. You are your own “collective”, as in, the essence of humanity as a whole in you. So be as Good as you can because you are the principal of Good, and evil can only get to you if you let your Good down.

Words at play:

The manifest world is evil by nature and it is where we live. In other words, we dwell in evil, in the (d)evil’s realm on top of a vile veil.


Human beings are inherently, the personification of good but we are living in a realm which is exactly the opposite. The realm of evil. And to exist in this world of evil we have to compromise. The manifest world has as much right to be evil as human beings have to be good, and as we both have to co-exist it is incumbent on both parties to be respectful of one another.

As I said, life is a compromise. We allow evil to encroach into our good and evil will allow us to bring good into its domain. In this sense, the force of evil will be lessened and so will the force of good be lessened.

It’s akin to going to stay with someone in a foreign country. They have a way of life that we don’t relate to but we put up with it, their food, their smells, their house, their noise, etc., but we have our own ways which we bring with us and which they don’t relate to, like our early morning jogs, our know-it-all attitude, etc. So for us to stay with them they have to become more accommodating and for them to let us stay, we have to become more accommodating so that the differences in our respective lifestyles can exist together in relative harmony. In a sense, we are both being respectful of each other’s ways and means in a joint effort to make pleasant, a necessary situation.


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