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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


This website is just a reflection of my take on life and the world I live in with you. I am innately disposed to sit down every day and write essays about how the world works, how we got here, where we are going and anything else that didn’t reach me in school.

I’m not claiming to be an authority nor aiming to make a difference in the world or influence anybody’s present conception of themselves. I just figure that a personal interpretation of the way things are might help me become a more complete person and better friends with this monkey, which is important, because like a plant, a human’s greatest happiness is achieved through their expression of growth.

Putting this out as a blog is more a matter of self-indulgence than any serious attempt to explain myself publicly, although, that is alluring. The thing is, I love the aspect of designing and working on a website, you know, the inherent digital fellowship and all that “playing aroundness”. And having something meaningful (to me) to actually put in it, makes it all the more worthwhile and fun, because one thing I have come to learn more than anything else, is that nothing makes life seem more essential and more satisfying than feeling good (make that great if you prefer). Everything we do is predicated towards that end and because personal growth is the core element of our motivation for existence, making strides in that direction will certainly help us to feel good and bring about our greatest gratification.

I don’t mean to imply that by personal growth I mean personal material wealth, although, that is an important factor for many people. But not all. In fact, material accumulation is an anathema to many people just like alcohol is to a drunk, and just as alcohol is almost impossible for a drunk to resist, material wealth is almost impossible for a human to resist, and what makes it even more so, is that material wealth invariably enhances our lives just as alcohol does to a drunk. But in both cases, the drunk knows he is on a shaky, and unhealthy slope and so does a human whose inherent nature finds wealth a hindrance to their personal, inner development.

But don’t get me wrong, material wealth is a very enjoyable part of life for many, just like alcohol is, but too much of either can be slippery. And there are those who can’t handle alcohol and those who can’t handle riches because of the inherent nature of their DNA and/or belief system. Personally, I am happier and more in tune with my sense of who I am without material wealth. I have dabbled in wealth and adequacy and have embraced my natural instinct for the latter.

The concept of prosperity seems to be the spanner in the works. The thing is, prosperity is not another term for material plenitude. Prosperity is a subconscious innateness which we realise through our sense of growth. Inner and outer. Some people bloom inwardly and some need to bloom outwardly. A flower is very showy and blooms outwardly, a truffle is discreet and blooms inwardly. Only when the truffle is closely experienced is its prosperity realised, whereas, a flower’s prosperity is always on show and this is why the flower always looks the most prosperous, just as a wealthy person always looks more prosperous than someone who’s wealth is internal.

With human nature being what it is, generally vainglorious, the flower is a much more attractive condition than the truffle and that is why many people are perpetually stuck in a financial bind trying futilely to emulate the flower when they have the capacity to become a most exquisite truffle. Human nature lends us to a need to feel at least equal in importance to our peers which is difficult if our prosperity is hidden below the surface. We come across as losers with little to show for ourselves other than an indistinct odour, which, incidentally, is the key to our true potential. The trouble is, a vainglorious nature, does not equate well with a seemingly meager disposition. A flower looks and smells so much better, but that’s it with the flower. Meanwhile, the truffle’s elegance is only just beginning to emerge.

So that’s the sort of thing I write about. If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand. Just close the door quietly when you leave. And thanks for dropping by.


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