Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


The Crown

Once there was a young girl who had to take up the mantle of queen when her father died. After her coronation she became the representation of the Royal Kingdom which meant giving up her own self-interests to become devotedly subservient to the affairs of the Crown. The young, independant and free-willed woman “died” and was reborn as the personification of the Crown. It was the Crown which was the authority but it was the queen who interpreted and administered that imperial authority through her human expression of it. In essence, she conceptually transcended her egocentric personna and became the inherent identity of an institution to enable the subjects of the Crown (which were accordingly her subjects) to interact with the majesty of it on a humanly functional level.

                                                             The Christ

Once there was a young boy who was born with an innate awareness of the nature of God. From the time of his birth he began to more fully develop this awareness which took him through to around thirty years of age, by which time, he had fully embodied the spirit of God in the form of the Christ. His human ego gave way to the “personification” of a higher consciousness, whereby, he was human in form but Christ in essence. It was the Christ which was the Divine authority but it was the person who demonstrated that authority through the human expression of it. He transcended his egocentric carnality and became the essential personification of the spirit of God in the form of a human being.

The Crown And The Christ