Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Humans spend their whole lives trying to find meaning. Everything we do is meaningful to us in one way or another. It has to be, otherwise we would give up. Just to get out of bed in the morning there has to be meaning, even if that meaning is just the fact that it’s better than staying in bed.

“I’m going to get up”.


“Because I’ve been in bed long enough.”

That’s their reason which is also their meaning.

“What is the meaning of that or what is the reason for that?”

“What is the reason for life or what is the meaning of life?”

We cannot do anything unless it has meaning. Why do we brush our teeth? Why do we get out of bed? Why do we eat? And not only is there a reason for everything we do but usually a myriad of them. How many reasons can you think of for eating? Or for getting out of bed?

The thing is, nothing in our world could exist unless it had meaning. Trees aren’t just there for decoration but even if they were, that would be meaning enough for their presence. Anyway, trees exist for many reasons.

But meaning and reasoning are only inherent in our human consciousness because we are rational beings and expect everything to make sense and we necessarily make it so. The trouble is, we also want to make sense for our existence. It’s not enough to just make sense out of the machinations of it, although, it is to many people.

The actual meaning inside our existence can be made sensible because of this rationale but the reason for our existence is outside our rationale. In other words, the idea for human life came about before human consciousness. It had to because human life is human consciousness. So whatever or “whoever” is behind human existence is beyond our comprehension because it seems inconceivable that Divine consciousness could also be a rational milieu otherwise we wouldn’t need our rational human consciousness. And where the meaning for our existence goes off the rails, is in our trying to make sense out of something that does not relate in any way to meaning or reason.

Put it this way, could human existence have been designed and created from within human existence? The only answer we could give to this question is, “maybe”. Because, from a rational-conscious-mindset such as ours, we cannot say yes or no because there is no rational way we could know one way or the other with certainty. I suspect the consensus would be that it could not, because we have learned from experience that a thing cannot create itself. But we are dealing with a self-discerning “thing” here and we have had no experience with that. We can only make assumptions as to whether it could or it couldn’t.

Let’s make an assumption that human existence could create itself. In this case we would be able to find meaning in it because it would have been created out of a rational mindset and we can make sense and meaning out of anything rational. So if we want to assume and believe that it can, then we can make sense out of our life. And this is where most of humanity gets its reason for our existence. And one of the strongest arguments for our raison d'etre is that God put us here to prove to Him that we want to love and obey Him and in return He will give us eternal life.

Before I go on, I just want to emphasise the stupidity of this concept. For those who came up with it and believe in it, are like a dog chasing its tail. So if they are right, which they don’t actually know but believe, then when they get to eternity, what reason will they have for existence then, or will eternity be fully understood and every mystery answered? In which case, eternity could not be a rational milieu because rationale depends on mystery for its survival. So either eternity is a rational milieu or a non-rational milieu. If it is rational then we are no better off than we are now. Same questions, same dilemmas. If it is a non-rational milieu, then there is no way we could ever know that it exists and therefore, no way that we could ever know we are going there.

When people come up with a meaning for existence, they do it as a conceptualisation, for a compulsive need to solve the mystery of who or what they are so that they can rest easy. And also for their ego, to show others how enlightened they are. It’s purely imaginary because it’s based on rationale. Most human being’s like to have their world in order with no loose ends. This is also very rational.

Getting back to the true meaning for existence, I can only say that there is none, so far as any of us will ever be able to comprehend in our human lifetime. And when our human lifetime has ended, we will be none the wiser anyway, because, as far as I can discern, we will no longer be in a rational milieu and therefore, not have the slightest concern about the meaning of life. I suspect, instead of existing and wondering what the meaning of life is, we will be living as the essence of meaning itself. In other words, instead of existing in mystery we will exist in meaning. Our pure beingness will be pure meaningfulness. We will “look around” at our world and just see meaning and perfection in everything.

There, so that’s my take on meaning. But like anyone else’s, it’s just rational speculation. There’s no Truth in it whatsoever other than what I’d like there to be. In other words, it’s my truth.

The only meaning we can ever hope to find is that which we make for ourselves. Just make meaning out of your life, not out of the life of God because, to find a meaning for human existence, then you have to find God’s meaning for it. After all, He’s the one who created it. And before you try and figure out what motivates Him you better get a handle on your own motivation. You might find that your ego is trying to exert its self-importance in an exalted way. What do you want to know the meaning of life for other than to shout “Eureka!” and show the world what a genius you are. Your ego’s place and consequence in the world is the sum extent of your desire for meaning.

“There must be a good reason why I’m here, after all, I feel so special”.

The Hapless Search For Meaning

“I wonder if I should get up?”