Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


What is the nature of the whole? Well, this short article doesn’t resolve that but it may be one small piece of the puzzle.

What Is Feeling And What Are Senses?

There is emotional feeling and there is physical feeling. Neither of these are parts of the five sensory organs of taste, smell, sight, hearing or touch. These five are physical and the other two are ethereal. And there is one other, the sixth sense, which is intuitive. So there are really, eight “senses” altogether. Five physical, two ethereal and one intuitive.

Where Does God Come Into These?

Well, God cannot be discerned physically or mentally, the only “proof” we can have of God is ethereal. We can sense Him. Although, what we are really sensing is the spirit, which is the invisible, animating power for the body, which gives us a sense of belonging through our “wireless” connection to all other living creatures. Essentially, it is our instinct which helps us fathom a greater presence, in the form of an omnipresent sense of Divine oneness. In other words, a sense that we belong to something that is all-knowing and common to us all. Something that is greater than us, as individuals, but equal to us as a whole.

The Whole Is Where It’s At

If we could all connect “consciously” (inherently) as one, we would be at our most powerful and perfect because, as singular entities, we are divided and conflicted and impotent. As a whole we would be invinceable because there would be nothing else.

As individuals, we will only ever get a “sense” of the whole but not of our presence within it because the nature of our individuality is more important to us. In other words, we are not able to surrender to the whole as our only presence, as animals can, because we are so infatuated with ourselves. We have a rationally discerning nature which sits like an overlay that isolates us from the whole. We live in that overlay as a separate consciousness, commonly known as human consciousness or sense consciousness.

That consciousness encapsulates us in a bubble with a somewhat blurry, transparent skin. The skin is transparent enough for us to sense there is something outside our bubble but not transparent enough for us to rationally discern it.

The Bubble

Now this consciousness or this bubble, is purely an imaginary one, held in place and defined by our belief system. For some reason, we have incorporated animals into it with us, but the interesting thing is, they don’t share our rational-conscious-mindset so how they came to exist in this bubble is a mystery. Nevertheless, because they are not rationally discerning, they are not trapped in this imaginary bubble, they are regulated by their instinctive nature which enables them to “see” through the bubble membrane clearly and to instinctively comprehend their relationship with the whole. So, even though animals they have a relative presence in a rational bubble, they are only aware of the “world” outside it, and because human’s are instinctively connected to the outside world of the whole, animals can relate to us through that connection. It’s only their physicality that is embodied in the bubble which includes their brains and their sense organs. They need these to get around, seeing as how the rest of their body is in it. But their “minds” are outside the bubble and can interpret their relationship with human beings from there, because it is their mind which governs the actions of their brain.

The Animal Ghost

There are actually two animals. The revealed, physical animal in the bubble and the invisible “mind” of the animal in the whole. It is actually the invisible animal which governs the revealed animal. The revealed animal only reacts to it’s environment in context with the instinctive feedback it gets from the whole. It doesn’t make it’s own decisions. It’s brain gets instructions from its physical senses as to what’s going on in the bubble and these instructions are picked up by the mind, outside the bubble, which is in sync with all of the other instructions of all of the other animals, and synchronises all of the animal kingdom’s actions accordingly, based on what that first animal’s instruction meant in context with what every other animal’s instructions mean.

The Signpost

I have a sense that animals are in our bubble as a beacon, whereby, those who come to question human consciousness can get an insight, through animal behaviour, as to the nature of the Truth. Animals are just as much a part of imagination as every other tangible concept and somehow they have managed to pull this off without any concept of a rational ego, allowing them to reside in human consciousness but have their “presence” outside it, in the whole. This realtionship with animals should give us a clue as to the nature of the Truth.

The ideal purpose for a human being would be to prick the bubble, and burst out of our egocentric delirium, discarding our rational-conscious-mindset in the process, and take up permanent residence in the whole. But we need the ego’s permission to do this and that’s not going to happen. I mean, how do you beat the ego over the head and run away? Whichever way you run the ego is right there with you. The only way it can happen is, if the ego let’s you go. Fat chance.

In the meantime, I think we should have a closer rapport with animals.

Instinctive Consciousness

I have a sense that instinctive consciousness is also a part of human consciousness, in that, it’s the means by which we interpret the whole from within our rational compound. And it’s the way we perceive an animal’s “mindset”. I think that, without the bubble we wouldn’t need an instinctive awareness, because we would be inherent in the whole and the whole would be inherent in us. There would be nothing to be aware of because we can only be aware of something from a position of unawareness, and if it is inherent, there is no unawareness. It just is. Awareness is a relative concept and there is no relativity in the whole. In fact, there is nothing at all in the whole, other than an inherency in it.

Sounds a bit dull, doesn’t it. Told you. Your self-indulgent ego won’t have a bar of it.

The Nature of The Whole