Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Is there any limit

To the vision we embrace

Does imagination come to rest

At any given place

To know the answer to this question

Not much further will you see

For we set ourselves the limits

We imagine them to be

Let’s face it, imagination is all we are and it’s all we’ve got. Everything else is just a facsimile. Everything in our world, everything we believe, everything we think we are, and anything else we can think of, is all founded on what we imagine. And when you consider it, this is pretty tenuous because our imagination doesn’t go anywhere. There is no end to it which means there is no end to us from which we must deduce, there can never be a final destination for our aspirations.

UNLESS - we actually decide to make it the end. It’s up to us to stretch out our imagination and pick a point somewhere in it where we would like to see ourselves. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, how far we can stretch is determined by our belief system, so even though, imagination goes on forever, we are only able to go so far.

To me, this is like being in a cage of our own making. The extent of our belief system are the bars of the cage and as we look through and out beyond the bars we can “see” our imagination stretching on into infinity. Although, not like a cage in life, where there is more to see, beyond the bars.

Why then, would we want to live in a cage when we know there is so much more we are missing out on.

It’s all to do with evolution and, sadly, we are trapped in it. Evolution is like a straight-jacket. As we evolve through life and get better and better, “the nurse” lets out one notch after another in our belt, until, hypothetically, it becomes loose enough for us to wriggle out of. Then we are free.

It’s because of the nature of human consciousness that we have to evolve, and the greatest disability we have in this consciousness, is not being able to determine what is in our imagination at any given time. If we could do this we could make extremely rapid (on-the-fly) adjustments and advance exponentially into the never-never (which, is unfortunately, the right expression).

However, we do actually know what WAS in our imagination because we are immersed in it’s unfoldment. We look around at our world and see the spectacle that was so desirous of our imagined collective just a moment before. And, whether we like it or not, we are stuck with it. We can’t redo it. BUT we can evolve through it into a more desirous outcome over time.

Disability number two.

What imagination unfolds into, is called manifestation, which it is so-called because it where we get to experience our imagination unveiled. It is where we can see what is (or what was) in it and it will be or not be a pretty picture depending on your belief system. If you believe everything to be rosy, you’ll be very happy with the outcome but if you’re a pessimist, it won’t look so good to you.

The Factory Of Imagination At Work

Imagination is a live, dynamic faculty. Look at it like an automobile factory where vehicles are being created and modified continuously to meet the demands of the consumer. But the actual product is static. Once the car leaves the front door, that’s it. For all intents and purposes, an immutable product, while the factory just carries on, perpetually, producing new models.

As that car enters the public arena it is judged by the masses for it’s looks and performance, and anything that is not satisfactory, or can be improved upon, is communicated back to the factory and the ensuing vehicles coming off the assembly line reflect these desired modifications. This is evolution in the car business.

Manifestation is like the automobile that has left the factory. What you see in front of you is it. WYSIWYG. A finished world. And just like the car, it can’t be remodelled by us. But we needn’t worry because the factory of imagination is still working and adapting and improving each new world it produces, though, unlike the automobiles coming our the front door in a timely manner, imagination is producing a new manifest world,  expeditiously. Imagination never shuts down or breaks down and never has a smoko, it just continually unfolds into manifestation, ad infinitum, to be habituated by the human ego.

So once we, as humankind, have “purchased” a world, and taken it for a drive we are constantly thinking about it and what we like and what we don’t like. These thoughts, (thought waves) are communicated back to the design team, collective imagination, (the matrix) and the new manifest model, that leaves imagination, is modified to reflect our desired feedback.

But this is where and why the process of imagination seems so slow (to those who would like to change the world this afternoon). We have to wait for imagination to unfold to know what’s in it and as soon as it does, it’s no longer imagination but manifestation, so the moment we “see” what is in our imagination it’s become manifest and unchangeable.

We think our world is changeable because we build things and chop down trees and produce new life and whatever, but we are not actually doing this is real time. Imagination is doing it and we experience it and see the outcome of our efforts as imagination unfolds, and this is why our world evolves and doesn’t leap.

Automobile Evolution

As soon as imagination unfolds as manifestation, we check it out and report back to our imagination what to change. This takes time because the design team have to correlate all of the varying requests in order of importance, relevance and sequence before we get to “drive” our new model world home.

Here’s an interesting side issue.

Jesus referred to the people in the world as dead and only those who understood his message through the holy spirit were “alive”. After reading this you might have some inkling why.

Manifestation is spent imagination. For all intents and purposes, it’s just a decaying mass, similar to the automobile driving around the streets. Sure it has “life”, in that, it is animated, but every day it is gradually deteriorating and eventually it (and likewise, the human being) will be trashed. But it survives further into the future just as cars survive into the future because it is continually being renewed as new models keep coming out to replace the older ones.

I suspect, that one day, manifestation, itself will die, just like a factory eventually closes through obsolesce. The end of manifestation is the end if the world. At least, as we know it. But a new and different type of factory may take it’s place and manifest a much more advanced product.

On the other hand, imagination is always “alive”. If we could find a way to live in imagination instead of manifestation, we would never die, and what’s more, we could change anything in our world instantly, because we would be right there on the shop floor. “Hey, I don’t like the shape of those headlights so I’ll just change them for a more stylish pair”.

This is really just a delusion because the world is not set up this way. And there is no time-and-space in imagination. We are wired to interact with manifestation and that’s the rueful truth.

I’m just going to think out loud here for a bit. What would it be like if we could “see” into our imagination and watch it producing our world? You know, like a guided tour of the car factory.

I have a feeling that we could get a lot of answers to the meaning of life. Let’s say we saw Henry Ford through a window to his office, albeit, without being allowed in to talk to him. Would we be in awe of him? Would he be the equivalent of God in imagination?

What I’m thinking is, if Henry Ford is there in the factory, maybe God, who is supposedly our creator, would be there in imagination. We might get to see Him.

Jesus purportedly, knew God and what he looked like. And my thinking is, he may have been able to “see” into imagination because those miracles he performed could easily be done by anyone if they had access to the production line.

I mean, couldn’t he just put his mind into the collective imagination, make a small mental alteration to the production process, and as the image unfolded, bingo, food for the masses out of “thin air”. This would explain how he could put himself in and out of manifestation at will, just by modifying the unfolding image. Sometimes with him in it and sometimes not.

You see, we can’t do this because we don’t know what’s in our imagination, anyway. We just have to wait for the sequential process to take it’s course. Jesus could make an instant alteration and that’s why we call it a miracle. He interrupted the sequence of unfolding events and surprised the bejeebers out of his disciples because humans expect things to unfold in a rational sequence.

Trapped In Your Own Imagination