Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


We will never have peace in this world until we conclusively answer these two questions.

1. What is the meaning of life?

2. How did we get here?

How come an animal can live such a meaningless existence? Just eat, sleep and procreate?

Well, the answer is easy. They don’t think. And if they don’t think, they don’t worry and they don’t crave and they don’t covet, and so on and on. They have no desire to be more or to do more because they are satisfied. They can’t think otherwise. They just do whatever is necessary to exist and that’s it. Their life is fulfilled purely in their existence.

But for humans, this is not enough. We have to figure out, firstly, what the hell is existence and while we are doing that we have to engage ourselves a myriad of “purposeful” activities that temporarily compensate for our lack of understanding. In other words, because we don’t understand the meaning of existence, we fill in our time by creating meaning within it. This goes some way to satisfying our angst about why and what we are.

As far as animals are concerned, life alone is absolute meaning in itself, because being alive gives them affinity with God. They are fortunate, in that, their awareness is imbued in Divine consciousness. They don’t have to go through a layer of rational consciousness to get there, although, they do have to deal with instinctive consciousness.

You could say, that our meaningful purpose is to find a way to affinitise with God also, but we look for meaning in our own human mileau, in a rational way, which is a dead end street because there is no rational way to understand God. As long as we are trapped in a rational milieu we will forever be chasing our tails trying to find meaning in everything, and when we have, we will conceptualise more things to find meaning in so that we never exhaust our quest. But when you boil it all down, all we are doing is finding meaninglessness.

As for our idea of what the most important meanings are, like, “How did we get here?” or “What is the nature of God?”, etc. we can only come up with rationally, fabricated scenarios because the answers to those mysteries are beyond our inherent, conscious awareness. But because we are rational and discerning creatures, we consider them to be the most important questions and because we can’t satisfactorily answer them, our whole existence is conflicted, which is borne out in our confrontational nature. There will never be “peace on earth” while these questions remain unanswered.

The trouble is, these mysteries can never be solved because they aren’t mysteries, in the first place. We only think they are mysteries due to the nature of our rationale. From where we sit, in our inherent nature of human consciousness, there has to be a rational answer for every conceptualisation that we can ever come up with and ninety-nine percent of the time, these questions are answered conclusively and laid to rest. Everyone is happy, imbues them into their belief system, and goes about life in their egocentric way.

The reason I say there are no such mysteries, is because when we “solve” them they won’t exist. In other words, we won’t know that we had ever considered them because they can only ever be solved from outside our rational, human awareness, wherein, just the concept of having anything to solve will be a nonsense.

What I’m trying to say is, when we get ourselves outside of human consciousness we will exist like an “animal”, in that, we will exist in consummate knowingness and all “questions will be answered”. Questions are only relevant in rational consciousness because the nature of that consciousness is to solve mysteries. It’s not like there are any, it’s just that we need to be continually solving and solving, to justify our existence in this consciousness. Which is ridiculous really, because the GOD (Greatest Overwhelming Desire) of our “being” is to get out of it, which we can’t do because we are trapped. If you don’t wake up in the morning with a question on your mind, then consider yourself dead.

Now Back to animals.

So an animal exists in a consciousness that doesn’t believe in questions so it doesn’t need to justify it’s existence in any way. As long as it exists, it is justified, so all it needs to do is whatever is necessary to survive. Human’s on the other hand, are so stupid that we continually struggle to justify every little thing we do. We even thank God for giving us this life, which is akin to us thanking Him for “all the suffering, convolution and confliction” we daily enter in to. Oh, and also for the little crumbs of joy he scatters around capriciously. Meanwhile, the animal is living in bliss. It doesn’t have to thank God for anything because it is living with God. In fact, every day God prays quietly and thanks the animal for living with Him. Meanwhile, we have to thank God for letting us live this life, because if we didn’t, He would take it away and we would have to live with Him also. Horrors.


Just think about the world and what it overwhelmingly excels at. Conflict! And I am not just talking about wars, per se, but all around us in everyday life, in some form or another. But wars certainly take the cake. And when you think about them, and especially in the contextual brink of the next war, you know it’s all about religion and religion is just a human concept to help us live with those two unanswered questions, which are about to cause the greatest conflict of all time.

Maybe when we die, we become like animals and live in Divine consciousness with God. If that is the case, then this looming conflict may solve all our worries once and for all, by anihlialating the whole of humankind and the manifest world along with it so that we don’t reawaken to more stupid meaninglessness.

Just Joking

Imagine waking up in Divine consciousness and seeing God looking at you. “Welcome home son/daughter. There are no more questions for you to worry about because in my house there are no choices. Just accept that I know best and replace, what, where, why and how with, wow. And seeing as there is only one day up here, don’t run around or get too excited because you’ll only get tired and there is nowhere to sleep. So just exist peaceably and the spirit will keep you vital”. Animals know this as bliss consciousness and to humans it’s wow consciousness.

War And Or Peace