Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Don’t ask me. You make your own meaning. If you don’t know what the meaning of life is then you don’t know what you believe because the meaning of life is what you believe it is. There is nothing else. There is no overarching meaning that is common to the human collective. But if you have to ask the question, then you are not happy with what you presently believe. Your belief system is an organic blueprint and it evolves in concert with how you relate and interact with the world you live in, and much of that interaction is based on what you believe the meaning of life to be. The whole make-up of your belief system is predicated on what you believe the meaning of life to be, to you and also, to humanity. You have a meaning for your own part in the world and you also have a meaning for the world as a whole.

You are probably not aware of the context of either of these meanings unless you have consciously determined them for yourself, although, it is more likely that humanity’s meaning for life has come to you through subliminal indoctrination and from a conscious effort to find one that you can accept. You cannot determine your own reason for human existence, you can only come across one that is already floating around, that you inherently relate to, and take it on board as a belief. Adapt it as you wish but you won’t be able to reinvent it.

As for a meaning to your own personal role in the world, that is very much predetermined by what you believe humanity’s role is because your destiny needs to be in line with your concept of humanity’s. Put it this way, your belief in the overall meaning of life guides you in everything you do and think. If you think the world is just a meaningless flash-in-the-pan, everything about your life will tend to be very superficial. If you believe there is a deeper purpose, greater than what you can rationally understand, then you will tend to live in a more thoughtful way, because that belief will instil in you a sense of uncertainty and cause you to, more likely, consider the consequences of your actions.

Hitler, for instance, had a very clear sense of his own life’s purpose which was tied up with his belief in the meaning of the manifest world destiny, as in, the evolution of humankind within the rational framework of collective imagination. He had no belief in anything outside of this, as in, any meaningfulness that was not understood by him, so most of the consequences of his actions could be rationally calculated. In other words, everything in life could be determined with relative certainty. He didn’t have a sense of karma or heaven and hell or judgment or redemption or eternal life or whatever. His ultimate belief in the meaning of existence was that he existed, full stop. And there are many who have that same belief. More’s the pity.

But I shouldn’t say that, because the reason people can live with such a “hopeless” belief is because it is in line with their concept of themselves. In other words, they don’t give it a second thought because their happiness is contained within their superficially. Those who believe in a higher power or greater intelligent force, need to, because they can’t accept the status quo. Maybe it’s a sense of insecurity or a sense wanting an unlimited landscape. Or maybe they just think too much.

But whichever belief you have - remember - it is only a belief. There is absolutely nothing we will ever know for sure until we “get” there. We can only ever know what’s in our human world because we are in it and it is rational and we are rational. So believing only in the world is pretty sensible, really. Unfortunately, for those of us who aren’t sensible, there’s nothing we can do to stop being utopian dreamers.  We live in this world but are constantly trying think outside it. Maybe our mind got trapped in the ether when we incarnated and we aren’t able to pull it in with us. In which case, our brain is still attached to it but, at a distance. Life is much easier if our brain and mind exist in the same dimension.

Nevertheless, it is really a given for a rational being to want to figure out things. Everything, for that matter. If there is something that is not figured out, then that will always be a dilemma until it is. Having said that, we can believe in a world without a greater meaning because that belief is our rational understanding of who we are and where we came from.

Whatever rational enigmas there are in the world, they are solved when we believe in a particular outcome. It’s not whether it’s a consensual outcome but a believed one. There is no scientific or consensual belief in how the world was created, just a personal belief determined by the inherent nature of our belief system. Likewise, there is no scientific or consensual belief in the big bang, just a personal one. Anything that can be scientifically proven becomes part of our belief system which we don't acknowldge as beliefs as such, but as facts. However, some facts can be very fickle and rubbery, in that, they are factual to some people but not to others due to the nature of how we individually interpret the information that makes up the fact.

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