Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Why would we rather be governed by the self than God? Think about it. Which word exemplifies a more worthwhile and splendid existence? The word self, just conjures up a selfish and duplicitous stereotype with very little experience or understanding of what’s important or required for our happiness and preservation. Whereas, the word God, conjures up an image of an all-knowing and faithful guardian who understands our innermost needs and has the deepest affinity to our fundamental well-being. So why do we do it? You know, surrender to the self?

Surprisingly, you are actually taking the time to read this from your mindset as a self-submissive human being. I say surprisingly, because your self or ego shouldn’t want you to know too much about God for fear of your discovering the Truth and them losing you. But, on the other hand, God is not as controlling as your ego, in fact He is not controlling at all, so your ego doesn’t need to worry about God becoming too influential in your orientation. And the ego has a lot to offer you, at least while you are contemplating your preference from an ego-centric mindset, because you are under the controlling authority of your own self-centeredness. God doesn’t stand a chance.


If you have the nous to realise this shrewd deceptive nature of your own selfish persona, you may be able to “get outside” of it, just enough to realise how much control you are letting it have, and how it is usurping your essential longing for God.

The Ice Cold Hand Of God

For an analogy, the self is akin to the drug ICE, and God is akin to your healthy body. Once the drug gets into your body, aka, once the egocentric nature of sense consciousness gets into your Divine consciousness, it begins to eat it away from the inside and gradually destroys all of the essential “nutrients” that sustain your relationship with your Divine centre. And because the body is a benign entity, just as Divine consciousness is, it develops an addiction to the consciousness of the self, becoming an ugly and destructive expression of the nature of the drug. In other words, your Divine “body” became addicted to the drug SELF, and ended up as a nightmarishly pitiful expression of what was originally your Divine “body’s” magnificent principality.

Below - Not yet published but part of original essay

I mean, what is the self, anyway?

Well, the self is an egocentric belief system which has no concept of the principal of existence, other than what it rationally determines it to be. And this is fraught because the principal of existence is not rational. Why do we want to live in an illusory cocoon of fabricated reality when we could live in the real world of Truth?

Well, at this stage in our evolution, we have pretty much gone past the point of no return, in that, whatever connection or memory we might have had of our original life with God, has been completely lost. We no longer even contemplate life with God, as against life with the self, because, just the mere idea of it is an incredibly far-fetched hypothesis.

So, for all intents and purposes, we are what we are and there is no argument. But I am putting up an argument, aren’t I? Just in the hope that it might prick your memory or cause you to reconsider it.

The problem is, we have become so resourceful and so self-indulgent that we can’t bear the thought of not living with ourselves in our own little bubble.

For a bit of vague analogy, it could be akin to the way we dislike the idea of taking public transport compared to driving our own vehicle. We like to be autonomous. The idea of putting ourselves in someone or something else’s authority for however long, is an anathema to most people, although we can, if we have to, (only if we have to) if it will lead to a more enhanced living condition down the road, or if we don’t have access to a car, or whatever. I mean, it’s not out of the question, we would just like to not think about it.

The problem with our relationship with God, if we can honestly believe we have one, is that we have learned to get along without Him, pretty much unequivocally. The rare occasion (rare to our way of thinking) when our self-determining doggedness does falter, we just grin and bear it. We even have sayings to help us through it, such as, “all things must pass”.

Oh, and we often blame Him. Isn’t that just kosher. We ignore His magnitude and influence, perpetually, except when the shit hits the fan, and then we blame Him. As if He has no control over the way of the world except when it’s rotten. We would never consider massacres or holocausts as something we might have caused. We are much better than that. Only God could have let that happen and that’s why we don’t want to let Him have authority over our lives. Talk about a twisted and despicable race of self-conceited entities.

We are only ever prepared to give Him any sort of a nod or look-in, just as some sort of indemnity. Being the two-faced charlatans that we are, we want to play it safe and have a bet each way. “You never know, there just may be an afterlife”, says our scheming psyche. So we accept God as a possible concept but we don’t respect or have confidence in His capacity to enhance our lives, unless He can bring everlasting peace and goodwill. Something that we have never been able to pull off ourselves.

And why is that? After all, we’ve been around for several thousand years and got most things working to our liking. You know, like corruption, infidelity, pollution, destruction, etc. I wonder, are we better at construction or destruction? On the surface, it seems like we are better at construction because there is more to show for our own creative efforts than there was in the beginning. I mean we aren’t going backwards, in that regard. But what about the world we didn’t actually build? The world that was inherently here to facilitate and support us? The world of nature and the planet’s infrastructure and life support system? If you take that on board as well, it seems that we have managed to destroy more than all that has ever been created. To God, and even to any slightly discerning person, we come across as a bunch of immature, spoiled brats who get their Lego toys for Christmas, build something with them, and then one day, in a fit of rage, throw them against the wall and smash them. And, on top of that, we treat our own home like a hurricane has hit it. We toss clothes and toys and food and whatever, all over the place whenever we feel like it or when we can’t get our own way.

I just don’t see how God can even tolerate us any more. And I don’t think He would if the whole human race were arseholes. There must just be enough redeemable people around to give Him hope and cause Him to hang in a bit longer. But for how long?


When we talk about God we say, “God did this or God did that”, but when we talk about the self we say, “The self did this or the self did that”. This is because there manu self’s and there is only one God. If there were many gods, we would say “the god of whatever did this or that”, and if there was only one self we would say, “self did this or that”. But this only refers to God because we know for sure that there is only one. We can say “the universe” because we don’t know if there is only one. Also, the universe is part of our rational, manifest world, which means we can have as many of them as we want when we rationalise that possibility. But we cannot rationalise any possibility of God because God is “theoretically” outside our rational world, so there is no possibility other than that actuality. There is no way we can rationally consider God. We just have to accept the consensus, even though it’s based on rational determination.

Would God Take Ice?