Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Did Jesus make the world a better place? Hardly. In fact, he died and left us with nothing but perpetual conflict and confusion. And while he was here he certainly didn’t make the world better. He even told us he wasn’t here to do that, but just the opposite, to cause division. So why is Jesus so revered by so many? Why do so many people put their life in his hands when he treated humanity with such disdain? And why do so many people try to live the life?

Well, first off, his message was not about us but about God. He wanted to let us know how much God loved us and how He had opened the door through Jesus to to let us back into His life. The reason we like to think it was about us, is because we think everything is about us because we want everything to be about us. As far as we are concerned there is us, and everything else comes after, even God.

The thing is, we can’t conceptualise any other form of existence being anything like us, or at least, anywhere near as important as us because our own personal perception lies at the centre of the universe. Whatever life is about, it is primarily about us. And when it comes to us I mean it is actually me personally or you personally. Humanity, as a whole is our concept of the whole meaning of existence. We can’t possible contemplate that any other life form or even any other idea, would have more relevance in existence than you or me. And this is true because there is nothing else in existence besides you or me. Whatever you think or conjure up in your mind is only relevant to you. It is not possible for you to think from another persons point-of-view, you can only surmise from it. In other words, you can conceptualise another person’s feelings or perspective but you can’t essentially, experience it or express it. Whatever you experience or express is entirely your own creation and is based entirely on who you think you are in relation to everyone else. You are in no way privy to what others think about themselves or how they think about others.

Therefore, whatever happens to be in your own mind is your own and will never be known by anyone else. The best you can do is give an impression of what you are thinking based on how you think that other person’s perception of you will receive it. But you have no idea of the perceptive nature of any other person so what you think you are conveying will not be what the other person is receiving. So, all in all, the universe inside your own head will only ever be known and relevant to you. No matter how much you try to be part of the nature of humankind as a whole, you will never get past being solely the whole of yourself. You will always be separate from everyone else and you will always see everyone else as separate from you. In other words, you can never ever get away from yourself so you had better make sure, at least, that you try and understand yourself. Never think of yourself in terms of other people because this is not genuine. It is unholy. You are the whole of yourself and you should keep your concept of yourself inside that whole. If you try and integrate your whole with someone else’s whole you will get a deformed concept of yourself. It may be quite an acceptable concept to you but it is not totally you.

So there you are, living inside yourself as a whole and seeing lots of other “whole” parts all around the place which will never become more than parts to you. And just because they are parts doesn't mean you can integrate them into your own whole because they won’t fit. The only way you can become integrated with all the other human parts is to give up your own wholeness and become integral to the greater Divine whole. But you aren’t about to do this because you will lose your self, the most important thing in existence as far as you are concerned.

You see, in the scheme of things your self is irrelevant but to you it is you. You are your self, so if you give it up, there will be no more you. To contemplate the idea of no more you from where you stand as you is tricky. How can you give up yourself from within yourself? And I don’t mean by committing suicide. I mean by doing it through your sense of the whole. If you can sense the whole strongly enough you could let it transform you into it. You see, the whole doesn’t have a personally like you so it doesn’t have to work things out, like how to fit you in, etc. It’s up to you to accept the whole and let the whole envelop you. But you cannot rationally analyse how and whether this could happen and expect to proceed accordingly. You just have to give up you sense of self and take on the essence of the whole. How easy is that?

Your Place In The Whole