Trying To Make Sense From A Harebrained World

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I’ve got to try and get a grip on this horse-shit called life”.


Instead of looking after your own best interests it is better and more rewarding to look after the interests of the whole. When you look after the interests of the whole the whole looks after you, just as, when you look after your own best interests, those interests look after you. Wouldn’t it be better to be looked after by the whole instead of by just you. The whole can give you what you intrinsically need because  it is the source of all-knowingness, whereas, your self can only give you what you want because it only knows you and you don't know what you need, only what you want which is what you think you need. So don’t think  in terms of yourself but rather, think in terms of the whole, namely, your place in relation to everyone else and not just your place in relation to you. So when you make a decision think about how it will affect the rest of humanity and if you can’t get a grip on this then try to make the decision instinctively. This way it will not be as self biased.

Whatever you do in life affects everyone else in the world because, as your thoughts are imbued into collective imagination everything in that collective has to be adjusted in order to synchronise your current input while it is simultaneously doing the same for everyone else’s input.

In human consciousness, collective imagination is the “whole”, whereas, in instinctive consciousness, the natural order is the whole. The natural order differs greatly from collective imagination because it is natural, whilst the latter is contrived. In other words, the natural determines its own outcome inherently, whereas, the collective is determined consciously, from the outside. However, when you look at it, they both seem to be determined externally and internally. But if you look a bit closer, you will see that an animal, for instance, is guided by its internal instincts while a human is guided by its rational-conscious-mindset and how it consciously interprets its environment. An animal cannot consciously interpret anything. It just senses its way around its environment and this is interpreted instinctively by the natural order, not by the animal. The natural order synchronises all animal behaviour organically and human imagination synchronises all human behaviour synthetically. One is guided benignly and the other is guided malignantly.

So from this it could be rationalised that human consciousness is a deleterious condition, one whose only eventual outcome is death, which we know to be true from real life experience. What about instinctive consciousness I hear you say? Animals die. Well, no they don’t. We think they do because they seem to go through the same process as ourselves when it comes to mortality. But that is purely from our own human perspective.

If we look at it from an animal’s perspective, they don’t die, ever. In fact, they aren’t even born, either. Which means, from their point-of-view they never even exist. Their existence is only discernible to human beings and possibly God. An animal has no rational sense of its own beingness although, it does have some sort of sense of it, but whatever that is, it is not comprehensible to us. One thing is certain though, they don’t have any sense of their own beingness, possibly only some sort of sense of their collective beingness through their connection to nature. So they sense nature, but in what way is an enigma to us because they don’t have a mind, as such. Basically, they are robotic and programmed to act and react in concert with the “software” that governs them and that software is called nature.

So from our perspective, when it comes to animals and nature, we are looking at a “software program” with them as the activity and outcome. And, from our perspective, all of nature is programmed for evolutionary birth and death, but the “inmates themselves” are not aware of it.

It’s as if the world was a big software program that includes us and nature with nature continually running in the background while we configure what goes on in the foreground. We are able to discern nature but not understand it. We see animals as being inherently similar to ourselves but they are not, because they can’t see us as we can see them.

When I talk about nature I am talking about the fundamental software engine. As I said, it continually runs in the background and it presents as a three dimensional reality to us. We cannot change the actual code of nature directly but we can change the presented reality, which in turn, will modify the engine through its own internal code function. In other words, when we clear a forest we are not changing the actual code of nature, we are changing the front end which will modify the code accordingly. And like, Wordpress, we are limited in scope as to how extensive these changes can be because the underlying structure of nature remains unalterable as we tinker around on the surface, evolving our desired environment within the limited functionality of the world “theme”.

Your Self And The Whole